Adriano Fariselli, our founder, grew up in Italy. Never far from snow or water, he made his passion his business traveling around the world. Today, Adriano Fariselli works with customers across the globe.

Whether you're a beginner or a pro, for land and water, we've got the gear, tools and knowledge to modify and or repair any kitesurfing or kiteboarding and power kite equipment.

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No matter the season, we're always ready.  From repairs to modifications and even custom work, we've got the gear, the tools and the team ready to help you and get you back in the water.


The Custom Swivel

This new product has been created  to work   with our Bear Bar QR system.

Giving you freedom of rotations unwinding the center lines. Install directly on your slider spreader bar line. *New slider line included*

Available in our store now!! 



Big Wave Kite Repair

Phone 661053919  Fuerteventura

February 2018.

Big Wave Kite Repair will be operating in Fuerteventura for the next four months.

We have traveled to the island and the repair shop is open and fully stocked to serve Kite repairs, bar refurbishes and custom build. We are stoked to be here and be part of such a wonderful kitesurfing community,

I hope we can help you! 

Message us or call our local number 661053919 


$85.00 + s&h