Kite Repair list

The list below is a guideline of our pricing to give you an idea of repair service costs.  Price may vary depending on the degree of damage or service needed and are subject to change without notice.

Canopy rip or damage

All on Canopy repair for kites including in the rip stop or Dacron part vary in price from $20 to $80 + in most cases.  Any canopy repair involving the Leading edge will start at $120

Struts Repair

Struts repair are $20 to $80, if struts damage involve leading edge repair cost starts at $120

Leading Edge Repair

 All Leading Edge repair vary from $20 to $200, all LE repairs will include bladder repair by weld or patch. In most cases we do successfully repair bladders.  If a bladder replacement is needed there will be an extra cost (cost of bladders vary from size, model and year of kite.

Bridles and points /Attachment points

Ripped, missing, damaged, worn, add on bridles or attachment point for bridles or tails cost starts at $60, price varies on location and amount of points needing and service. Custom bridles sets available up on request.

Bladder leek or bladder blow out repair 

Bladder repair only due to leak or blow out are a minimum $40 to a max of $120. This does not include any valves service or replacement.

Bladder replacement /Valve replacement on all brands
Call or email with detail of kite for Pricing.

Harness and control bar service and repair available

We accept : VISA, MasterCard and PayPal

Big Wave Kite Repair

Services trough oct 2017  to feb 2018 at  The Tropical Surf House Okinawa