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The Custom Bear Bar kit will replace your old, broken or outdated center line system. Provides great freedom of mobility and an extended throw.
We will install the kit for you, customized for your bar.

 In the event that you want to install the kit yourself a video will help you step by step, no special tools needed.

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Action video


$180 + shipping

$ 180  + shipping

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The Bear Bar quick release system with an open line is set up on a 5mm Dyneema line for the ultimate DIY kit. Build your own center line set up by adding your own hardware. The kit comes with 70" open line above the QR. Longer line is available up on request.

Bear Bar QR open line

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Bear Bar 17" & 19"

Big Wave Kite Repair

The Custom Bear Bar is a good combination for our Bear Bar center line kit. With soft ends and ergonomic shape for your hands, it comes with side tails and best of all double bevel hole on bottom and top! The bevel center is all metal, making this bar the best ever!

Bear Bar no cleat center line system kit

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